Water Damage 24-Hour Emergency Service

Water damage of any kind is a very serious matter that requires immediate professional attention. Did you know that an improperly serviced water-damaged home of office can easily lead to permanent structural damage, bad odors, and the fast growth of health-threatening mycotoxins? Apex's de-flooding and restoration cleaning methods return all types of water damage situations back into safe and healthy ones. The many professional products and other tools and equipment we use are designed to fully restore water-damaged walls, ceilings, floors, carpeting, furniture, and so much more.
water damage restoration

Water damage restoration tools
It is never a good time to have a flood in your home or office, and it seems like it happens at the absolute worst times. For this reason, Apex De-flooding and Restoration Services provides water damage restoration services around the clock every day of the week. Apex technicians are I.I.C.R.C. Certified water damage restoration professionals that survey the damage you have with sophisticated measurement devices and recommend the best remediation procedures. Apex removes the flooded water detected and installs professional drying equipment to return your home or business to the way it was before. We also deal with any residual odor and prevent harmful pathogens from growing with the application of EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorants. As a courtesy to you, we can work directly with your insurance company or property owner to handle our restoration fees.

Apex's de-flooding and restoration services handle water damage situations at any hour. Our powerful self-propelled high-volume extraction device, called The Rover, allows us to remove large volumes of water in record time.

  • • First, we perform a safety inspection and survey the damage involved. We use moisture detection tools and check the humidity levels if needed. We mitigate the damage with our high-volume water removal equipment and make sure the environment is safe for you by removing any slip-and-fall hazards.

    • We then remove any debris, like fallen structural materials, while we are cleaning up for you. This step involves our powerful truck-mounted water extraction equipment, as well as mopping up, and any other procedures needed to stop the water from getting to unaffected areas.

    • We also make sure that all of the affected surfaces and surrounding ones do not become contaminated by mold and fungi. To do this, we apply EPA-approved disinfectants to assure the environment is safe and healthy.

    • Next, we install and operate professional drying equipment as needed. This includes high-volume fans and industrial dehumidification machines which pull out moisture quickly and effectively.

    • We monitor your job regularly until the environment is returned to its original state. Once dry and safe, we will thoroughly clean and deodorize all of the structure and furnishings that were affected by the water damage.
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