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Our industry education and experience exceeds the average cleaning business, and our customers have learned to depend on that to get the job done right. Apex Carpet & Upholstery Care is properly equipped to handle every type of cleaning problem, from stubborn stains to obnoxious odors.
Professional Carpet Cleaners Stowe and Burlington Vermont
Professional Carpet Cleaners Stowe and Burlington Vermont
Professional Carpet Cleaners Stowe and Burlington Vermont
Professional Carpet Cleaners Stowe and Burlington Vermont
Professional Carpet Cleaners Stowe and Burlington Vermont
Burlington and Stowe Vermont's Favorite Carpet Cleaners
According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the beauty and life of your carpet depends on the overall care it receives. Proper cleaning will keep it looking great for its full lifetime, help improve indoor air quality, and help you adhere to your carpet warranty. The right professional cleaning by Apex Carpet & Upholstery Care helps safeguard your carpet investment by keeping you from having to replace it before its time. Our method of professional carpet cleaning is recommended by all major carpet manufacturers and provides the absolute best cleaning by loosening the harmful sticky and gritty soils and properly rinsing them right off your carpet and into our mobile professional cleaning unit.
Other than preparing to have clean, healthy carpet, there is not very much you need to do before we arrive. We do ask that you try to remove any fragile items from the rooms we will be working in, however. Although there is no need to vacuum before we arrive, removing magazines, shoes, toys, etc., from the carpet will help us work more efficiently. Sofas, chairs, tables, and similar furniture we will move for you when we clean underneath them.

A typical visit proceeds as follows:

  • • When we arrive, we will fully inspect all of the rooms to be cleaned for you, addressing any heavily soiled areas or other problematic issues with your carpet. We will then explain the cleaning process with you, and of course answer any questions you may have.

    • We will then apply special cleaning agents to the soiled areas. These will dissolve greasy dirt from the carpet yarns and loosen spots and stains.

    • With our truck-mounted heavy-duty extraction cleaning system, we will provide a thorough rinse to all of your carpet. The carpet fibers are left clean and bright and smelling nice and fresh.

    • We will move your furnishings back after cleaning underneath, and we will place protective pads underneath the legs for you.

    • We will perform any additional spotting procedures and apply any protective treatments you request.

    • When complete, we will review what we have done for you, and give you information about caring for it afterward and setting it up to dry quickly.
Although most people might not normally associate carpet with improved indoor air quality, it does have a very positive effect. Gravity causes common household particles, such as dust, pollen, pet and insect dander, to fall to the floor. Carpet fibers trap the particles, removing them from the breathing zone and reducing their circulation in the air. Regular proper cleaning by Apex Carpet & Upholstery Care effectively removes dust and allergens from the carpet and helps keep them out of the air we breathe. Properly vacuumed carpet traps allergens and other particles, reducing their circulation in the air.

A common misperception is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid carpet in the home. Actually, the opposite is true. Studies have shown that properly cleaned carpet helps reduce symptoms and is the best flooring choice for those dealing with asthma and allergies. When carpet is kept clean and dry, mold simply cannot grow on synthetic fibers. In fact, carpet is recognized as one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds among various flooring choices and interior finishes.
Apex Carpet & Upholstery Care offers a broad range of carpet services beyond basic cleaning. We are fully-equipped and skilled with all types of spot and stain removal, complete odor control, carpet protection treatments, oriental rugs, and much more. We also offer complimentary vacuum inspections on each visit to make sure your vacuum is working properly. Apex Carpet & Upholstery Care is fully dedicated to making your carpet cleaning experience a very positive one.

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